If you can’t beat ’em join ’em

I would say until about 2 months ago I knew next to nothing about what the 4 Canadian party’s platforms looked like. I was confident in my knowledge of the way the elections worked but I had never bothered to actually look into what the party’s stood for. I remember in middle school we did a unit on the structure of the Provincial and Federal elections but we never even touched on what any of the party’s stood for.

As I started to research the different parties and their values and I looked at the current party in the conservatives and I found that there are very few people that are pleased with the job the conservative party has been doing. After our in class conversation where we talked about the two right wing party’s combining into one I started to think about the effect that had on the election. I started to think about what party I favoured, I realised that my vote is split between the two major left wing party’s with the NDP and Liberal. My worry is that the rest of Canada feels the same way and because there are two major left wing party’s and only one right wing party, the votes for the left wing party’s will be split possibly allowing the conservatives to move in and get another term.

When I look at the Conservative party it is pretty hard to find any of their values that line up with mine. I like the NDP and Liberal take on trying to improve the life of the middle class, but I think in an idea world they would be focusing on improving the life of the lower class, trying to get people off the streets and give help to those who need it. The only problem with that being that a majority of the lower class and the homeless do not vote and for that reason no successful party wants to put their time and energy into it and that starts a vicious cycle, the people who need the most help tend to have the lowest voter turnout, thusly political party’s do not target them in their campaigns. While I think it’s important to better the lives of everyone and taking from those who have more to better those who do not is a good idea but the Liberals and NDP aren’t really targeting those who need it most, they are targeting those who will vote for them.

In my opinion that is the problem with politics. That ultimately the people in charge will do whatever they have to do to make sure that they get to maintain that power and if there is a group that needs help, even if they have nothing to give in return the government should help them. My ideal Canada is one where the homeless population is next to none, a society where there is UNCONDITIONAL help for people with substance abuse issues and poor living conditions. I think that is how the world as a whole should operate and it is starting to but I there is still so much grey area between those who help others for the legitimate benefit of the other group and those who do it just to ultimately benefit themselves. Though as we discussed in class on Friday there are many studies that suggest that if someone is put in a role of power they will abuse the power eventually. The world of politics is one where the political game decides who wins and who loses. The political game is one where those who are morally and ethically about helping others, end up losing. The people that look at it from a standpoint of ‘how can I get myself in power’ end up winning and that is something that needs to be changed.

There are lots of things on both the NDP and Liberal party’s agendas that will benefit society. With the NDP trying to lower the price of child care and the Liberals trying to bring “give the middle class a raise”. In terms of identity and economy I think the 2 left wing parties are headed in the right direction. When we look at geography the only party that have the environment as a major concern is the green party. I think that as a society we could benefit from the green party. They support almost the same things as the NDP and Liberal’s in terms of the other three major identity’s they just obviously just put more effort into helping the environment.

I honestly believe it would be beneficial to create one main left wing party. Combine the NDP, the Liberals, and the Green party. This would be beneficial for many reasons, firstly the morals and ethics of the three parties seem to line up almost identically, and secondly it would give them a much better chance in the elections. The way I see it the Conservatives made a really smart move creating one party and have been in power for a long time because of it. My proposition would be to see how this election goes and, if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em. Create a single party, find a leader that has the betterment of the country truly at heart and I think that party would be almost unstoppable.

Did Canada commit genocide?

There are parts of Canada’s history that, to say the least don’t make our hearts swell with pride. We have learned as much as in socials in the last few weeks. In our last few lessons in socials I have been taken aback but still very interested in the way that the aboriginals were treated in Canada and I am interested in exploring just how bad the Aboriginals were treated. I think the main area of study for me is going to be the question of, did Canada commit genocide with their treatment of the aboriginals?

The first thing I did was, I went to find the technical definition of “genocide” according to the United Nations, and it is as follows:

“General Assembly Resolution 260A (III) Article 2 In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

There is without a doubt, evidence that would lead to believe that by this definition Canada committed genocide against their own people. I found a very interesting article that gave specific examples of exactly how and when these acts of genocide were committee.

“It’s clear that Canada’s first prime minister Sir John A. MacDonald’s policy of starving First Nations to death in order to make way for the western expansion of European settlers meets the criteria of genocide under the CPPCG.

Similarly, the entire residential school system also passes the genocide test, in particular if you consider the fact that the Department of Indian Affairs, headed by Duncan Campbell Scott, deliberately ignored the recommendations of Peter Bryce, Canada’s first Chief Medical Officer, regarding the spread of tuberculosis in the schools. Such willful disregard for the basic principles of public health constitutes an act of genocide by omission, if not deliberate commission.

Finally, we have the very recent and painful memory of forced removal of First Nations children from their families by Indian Agents which occurred in the 1960s, also known by the popular term “Sixties Scoop.” This is an act of genocide that clearly meets the CPPCG test, and also fell outside of the residential school system.” Exert from the article: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-debate/what-canada-committed-against-first-nations-was-genocide-the-un-should-recognize-it/article14853747/.

Some of the things that I would be looking to learn more about would be looking into previous examples of genocide and how this specific example relates to that. The scary thing that I have found is that Canada attended a conference with the UN about genocide and then continued to do exactly what they were doing previously.

Another interesting thing that I have been looking into is what are doing to fix the problem that we created, what have we done in the past? What will we continue to do in the future? How SHOULD we be compensating for the harm we have done. I mean it is questionably genocide, lots of Canadians are saying that we are on unseeded land and something needs to be done about it! The question is what?



Connor’s Mid Term

As we conclude this half of the socials term I have created a PowerPoint presentation to explain the prescribed learning outcomes (or PLO’s) that I feel I have met in the first half of this term.

So go ahead and click on that link to look through my presentation!

Socials reflection from Connor Attridge

The Toronto Globe

August 6th 1858

John A Macdonald, our incompetent leader!

You the general public have re-elected a racist-alcoholic traitor who cares about nothing about himself. John A Macdonald’s motives are compromised, all of the things that he promised to do are immoral and selfish. Firstly he wants to abolish the Indians so that he can build his beloved railway, the way he treats the Indians goes against all the good I have worked so hard to instill in this country. I practically removed slavery from both upper and lower Canada and the Conservative party wants to disregard that entirely to better the economy! While I understand that this railway is beneficial, it should not come at the expense of the well-being of others.

The second place he will sink Canada as a country is that he is a liar. The only reason he is able to stand a chance is because he has manipulated George-Étienne Cartier and Lower Canada to support him, he realises that he has more influence in their partnership and that eventually he can wipe out the French and aboriginals. Not to mention, the man is traitor; it is rumored that he smuggled American raiding groups into Canada to take out villages that he felt were a threat to him politically. Finally are we going to forget that this man is a stinking drunk! You are being cheated from the truth, join together, with me, for Canada!

I think I have made my case as John A MacDonald is the wrong leader for the future of Canada and I hope that you feel the same. I want what is best for Canada but John A MacDonald is being manipulative and I hope you agree, as I am trying to call a re-election.



Letter home

November 23rd 1842

Dear Mom,

I am writing this to you from my office. Dad and I are doing well, the paper is building popularity, slowly but building none the less. We have been in New York for just under 11 months and I have to be honest with you I don’t really care for it, I don’t know exactly what it is but I miss home. I know dad is feeling it to but he doesn’t let it show, I don’t think New York is the place for us. I don’t know where we could go, I was thinking of moving to Canada, I know how complicated that could be having just immigrated from Ireland and we have our newspaper the British Chronicle, but I just feel something needs to be changed as I am not happy.

Anyways take care and I miss you

Love, your son George Brown


December 21st 1842

Dear Mom,

I received your letter, glad to hear you are doing well. This will be the first Christmas that we will not be together as a family, both dad and I miss you terribly. I brought up my thoughts of moving into Canada with dad, he was sceptical at first but the idea is growing on him. As our paper is not really doing as well as we would have liked and neither of us are really enjoying our time here, we are thinking of starting a newspaper in Canada.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Love George


January 14th 1843

Dear Mom,

I have good news! We are finalising our plan to move to Canada. There are just a few more details to plan out but we are excited to try our luck up north. We have decided to create another newspaper in Toronto called the Banner. Originally dad was not sure if he wanted to try again in the business of newspapers but I can’t think of any other career that could possibly play to my strengths and passions as this does. This will probably be the last letter I send you from New York and I will be sure to write you as soon as we arrive in Toronto.

Love George

The war of 1812

Alright, so here is my second post. The video that this is based off of was posted by Cody, so thanks for that. Included is the link to the video, I recommend watching it. As it is both informative and interesting.

Below is both my recorded post and the video it is based off of.

Document of Learning

So this is my first document of learning. I recorded it because I feel that my speaking ability is better than my writing. I am still getting over a cold so my voice is scratchy but if you are curious I have included the points I came up with before I recorded this so feel free to scroll past this to find that.



Where have we been?

  • We have come from what barley counts as a civilisation
  • We were all once Barbarians of one form or another
  • We progressed a ton and will progress a ton more
  • A fact that we have proven/ argued against is that we have always been in an Empire like format


Where are we going?

  • Tech
  • No one knows
  • Matrix
  • There will be problems in North America?