Final In-depth post!

Wow! Its our last in-depth post! It seems like not long ago that we got started. I have been really busy over the last two weeks with theatre, work, and TALONS. I have still had time to work on in-depth.

I finished the Khan Academy tutorial as an intro to coding in the HTML language, and I really enjoyed it! The thing about the HTML language is that it simply has more uses, the original reason I wanted to learn coding is because I thought it would have real life value in the job market, and I have done some research and HTML simply has more uses then Java.

Obviously I am not going to master the HTML language before in-depth but I think it’s want I want to invest my time into. I want to show some of my animations as well as what I am capable of with my HTML skills. As I have just finished my in-depth criteria I want to touch on a couple areas of the criteria.


  1. I regularly spent time with my mentor

(at least a few times each month) to get valuable feedback.

When it comes to getting feedback from my Mentor I have only met with Mr. Findley a couple times over the course of the project but with that being said I have been using many other of the resources available to me. I have been working with an expert in web design a little bit as well as a number of online support sites. Reddit and are both great websites where you can ask questions to people who are going through the same things that you are learning and you can learn from them. Though I may not have met with Mr. Findley a few times per month I am constantly in contact with experts in the field online and in person.

  1. It was process-based, first-hand learning,

(not primarily research-based with internet or books)

While a majority of my project was based online it was still based on first hand learning. I have been taking course online and talking to people on the internet.


I am really exited to present my project on in-pdeth night. See you then!




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