In depth post 7-8

In depth post 8

I am realising that I am slowly running out of fuel in the tank. With school in general, in-depth included. I have noticed that while I am still reading and listening to my audio books, I feel like I am just doing it to check it off my list of things to do. Instead of the way I feel it should be, which it reading to improve my skills and myself as a person. The same thing as been happening in my general school work and even as I write this blog post. At the start of the school year everything was new and I was motivated to get everything done well and I would do it with a passion, but I feel that recently I have been doing these things just do get them done, not putting as much effort as I feel I am capable of and have in the past. I brought this up with Jacob and he told me that I need to find some way to get myself back into the rhythm of doing work with passion. Do whatever it takes to motivate yourself, a suggestion he gave me is to give myself positive affirmations. This is a suggestion that he has made in the past to help me avoid this exact problem, I kind of brushed it off the first time, thinking “positive affirmations, what can that do for me”, but at this point I am ready to try it as stupid as it may sound.

On the DeBono side of things I have decided to talk about a combination of the things mentioned in blog post 7 and 8 firstly I will touch on diversions. I have noticed that one of the things that Jacob does is that he never gets straight to the point, so there are a lot of diversions in our conversations and we never seem to stay totally on topic, but I feel that it always seems to keep the conversation interesting. Because we don’t spend too long on each topic we seem to move back to the topic at hand relatively quickly and I cannot think of a time when I have not had enough time to ask any questions I had during one of our meetings, I also cannot think of a concept that Jacob has not had enough time to describe to me to the point where I fully understand it.

The next thing I want to touch on is interruption, because the setting in witch is with only one other person there is little need to interrupt the other. There are still times when for example, I will not understand something that Jacob said I can interrupt at the right time to ask for clarification, or if I have something I want to add it is very similar to step three that is mentioned in deBono’s book, “Interrupt at the right point and state you will elaborate later.” But as I previously mentioned it is not something that is an issue very often because it is such a small setting in which we meet that it is your turn to speak half of the time.


  1. Sounds like Jacob is giving you excellent advice. What positive affirmation have you decided to use? How is it making a difference? You have been reading and discussing entrepreneurship for a few months now. How is it coming along with the College Pro Painters? Any progress in this regard? I think it is time to start applying what you have been learning. You can only prepare so much. A lot of learning occurs in the act of doing what you love to do the most.

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