In depth post 7-8

In depth post 8

I am realising that I am slowly running out of fuel in the tank. With school in general, in-depth included. I have noticed that while I am still reading and listening to my audio books, I feel like I am just doing it to check it off my list of things to do. Instead of the way I feel it should be, which it reading to improve my skills and myself as a person. The same thing as been happening in my general school work and even as I write this blog post. At the start of the school year everything was new and I was motivated to get everything done well and I would do it with a passion, but I feel that recently I have been doing these things just do get them done, not putting as much effort as I feel I am capable of and have in the past. I brought this up with Jacob and he told me that I need to find some way to get myself back into the rhythm of doing work with passion. Do whatever it takes to motivate yourself, a suggestion he gave me is to give myself positive affirmations. This is a suggestion that he has made in the past to help me avoid this exact problem, I kind of brushed it off the first time, thinking “positive affirmations, what can that do for me”, but at this point I am ready to try it as stupid as it may sound.

On the DeBono side of things I have decided to talk about a combination of the things mentioned in blog post 7 and 8 firstly I will touch on diversions. I have noticed that one of the things that Jacob does is that he never gets straight to the point, so there are a lot of diversions in our conversations and we never seem to stay totally on topic, but I feel that it always seems to keep the conversation interesting. Because we don’t spend too long on each topic we seem to move back to the topic at hand relatively quickly and I cannot think of a time when I have not had enough time to ask any questions I had during one of our meetings, I also cannot think of a concept that Jacob has not had enough time to describe to me to the point where I fully understand it.

The next thing I want to touch on is interruption, because the setting in witch is with only one other person there is little need to interrupt the other. There are still times when for example, I will not understand something that Jacob said I can interrupt at the right time to ask for clarification, or if I have something I want to add it is very similar to step three that is mentioned in deBono’s book, “Interrupt at the right point and state you will elaborate later.” But as I previously mentioned it is not something that is an issue very often because it is such a small setting in which we meet that it is your turn to speak half of the time.

Connor’s Mid Term

As we conclude this half of the socials term I have created a PowerPoint presentation to explain the prescribed learning outcomes (or PLO’s) that I feel I have met in the first half of this term.

So go ahead and click on that link to look through my presentation!

Socials reflection from Connor Attridge

Final Adress

Firstly my final address, I would like to point out that this is the version that I used to present with so there may be some grammatical or spelling errors.

Good afternoon everyone, we are here today to celebrate a very special occasion. Today we have founded a new nation, one that we hope will last for centuries to come.

But, you have made a mistake, I hope you all realise that. You have elected a man to run your country who hasn’t sobered up in years, he cares about nothing but himself. I have said that, I know I have said that many times before, but you didn’t listen. You let this man woo you and play the political game, telling you what you wanted to hear, he fed you lies.

Now that he has won the election, beat me, he has what he wants, power. Nothing can stop him. Now you are all standing here at this celebration thinking, no this man would never lie to us, he has our best interest at heart.

Ah but does he, here I have the official documents that I stole from his office, and sure theft is wrong but what I found is worse. Get papers, what I have in my hands right now is a plan to backstab those who have trusted in him. Let me tell you about what john a calls, residential schools.

Residential schools are basically prisons for the Indians, his goal is to decimate them. Now not hours after his nation was created he is ready to backstab those who helped him create it.

Well fair enough the aboriginals may not have influenced the creation of Canada that greatly, but this is just the beginning, I guarantee you that if nothing is done then there simply a matter of time before people who are not fall under the same ethnic background as John, will become completely obliterated!

After hearing that, you francophone out there look me in the eye and tell me you feel safe for your culture in generations to come.

I have been asked by many how I want to be remembered. To them I will say, remember today, remember me who wanted to make Canada a place where everyone is treated equal, now remember that, when you or your children or children’s children are being forced to pay for John A’s greed 10 fold!

I know it will happen, the question is will I still be around to fix it

Enjoy your festivities

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Pointing Fingers

Actual debate/ more finger pointing

In depth post 6

Okay, so I understand this post is extremely late and I aplogise, but here it is:


This last week since spring break has been a fairly uneventful one. I interviewed a banker from Dominion Lending Centers. Though I have discussed with Jacob, getting financial aid and he believes that it is important to be able to fund your business aspirations without going into debt. A lot of the entrepreneurs that I have talked to so far disagree with this for a wide variety of reasons. Things like “you need the funds, it is nearly impossible to fund a business out of your pocket alone”. But Jacob noted that the people he knows that have achieved financial independence did not get into debt in the first place. Because the banks are not in business to help you, they are in business to help themselves. None the less I thought it would be interesting to get the perspective of a banker. I actually met him in an interesting way, we sat beside each other at a Vancouver Canucks game, we started talking and we talked about business, afterwards we sat down for coffee and had a more official interview 2 days later. Other than that interview it was a pretty uneventful week, I continued to read my books and listen to my audio.

On the De Bono front, when Jacob and I meet it is almost entirely about me understanding concepts. There is a new concept every week! I think understanding concepts are vital and the quote used in De Bono’s book, “When you believe you have extracted the concept from what is being said, you can check on this by asking a question: ‘It seems to me that the concept here is…Is that correct?’” (p. 111). I think applies perfectly, this is a method I use very frequently to make sure I fully understand exactly what is being taught to me. Because it is one on one is especially easy for me to ask any clarifying questions or say anything that I feel might contribute to my learning. Some of the main concepts have been: Being able to approach people, not being afraid or rejection in communication with others or, how to conduct an effective interview.

On the topic of alternatives, I feel like that is how Jacob will disagree with you, he never does so directly, it is always indirect as if he offering an alternative. In my last post I talked about one of the lessons that he taught me about input and output, if you look back to that you will see that there is an entire step dedicated to coming up with alternatives, or making substitutions as Jacob put it. I notice as I get further and further into the in-depth project, how most of Jacobs lessons fit in perfectly with what is being said in the De Bono books, mostly because they are all books that he has read and believes in, but it is still engaging to see the lesion that I read on paper, convert into a real life situation.

The Toronto Globe

August 6th 1858

John A Macdonald, our incompetent leader!

You the general public have re-elected a racist-alcoholic traitor who cares about nothing about himself. John A Macdonald’s motives are compromised, all of the things that he promised to do are immoral and selfish. Firstly he wants to abolish the Indians so that he can build his beloved railway, the way he treats the Indians goes against all the good I have worked so hard to instill in this country. I practically removed slavery from both upper and lower Canada and the Conservative party wants to disregard that entirely to better the economy! While I understand that this railway is beneficial, it should not come at the expense of the well-being of others.

The second place he will sink Canada as a country is that he is a liar. The only reason he is able to stand a chance is because he has manipulated George-Étienne Cartier and Lower Canada to support him, he realises that he has more influence in their partnership and that eventually he can wipe out the French and aboriginals. Not to mention, the man is traitor; it is rumored that he smuggled American raiding groups into Canada to take out villages that he felt were a threat to him politically. Finally are we going to forget that this man is a stinking drunk! You are being cheated from the truth, join together, with me, for Canada!

I think I have made my case as John A MacDonald is the wrong leader for the future of Canada and I hope that you feel the same. I want what is best for Canada but John A MacDonald is being manipulative and I hope you agree, as I am trying to call a re-election.