Document of Learning

So this is my first document of learning. I recorded it because I feel that my speaking ability is better than my writing. I am still getting over a cold so my voice is scratchy but if you are curious I have included the points I came up with before I recorded this so feel free to scroll past this to find that.



Where have we been?

  • We have come from what barley counts as a civilisation
  • We were all once Barbarians of one form or another
  • We progressed a ton and will progress a ton more
  • A fact that we have proven/ argued against is that we have always been in an Empire like format


Where are we going?

  • Tech
  • No one knows
  • Matrix
  • There will be problems in North America?


In depth post #4

In depth post 4

It has been a relatively quiet couple of weeks in terms of my in depth, I met with Jacob two weeks ago and I am going to meet him again today (Sunday). I am continuing to immerse myself in the world of entrepreneurship by continuing to read, listen to audio books, and conduct interviews. But over the last couple of weeks I have even attended a conference and looked into getting a job in sales.

Firstly a recap of the last couple of weeks; I am continuing with reading the book “How to Make Friends and Influence People” and listening to the Steve Jobs biography. But there are a couple of new things that I am trying, firstly I attended the Green Bricks Futures Conference last Sunday. The conference was all about exploring possible career paths and talking to people in those career positions. I spoke to several different entrepreneurs about their job and my interest in entrepreneurship. Mainly I spoke to two entrepreneurs: Toni Derosiers and Troy Glasner, they have both started their own businesses and both were very interesting people to talk to and I think they both benefited me greatly in terms of giving me insight into the world of entrepreneurship.

In my meeting today with Jacob we discussed how we can use the fact that I am 14 to my advantage. We are looking at how I can start saving money and working at a young age, I am looking into a position at college pro painters would be doing cold calls because both Jacob and I agree that it will be extremely beneficial for furthering my communication ability and generally readying me for being an entrepreneur in the “real world”. The other thing we talked about in our meeting was being a better communicator in general. Jacob takes pride in being able to uplift as many people as he can and he is trying to get me to do the same. He said that just starting conversations with people can get you very valuable contacts in life, he added that good things happen to good people but you should not be a good person because you are expecting good things to happen to you. But in our meeting Jacob wanted me to be able to get contact information of people that I meet to further my social network. With this I used a large portion of what is in the De Bono book such as asking for clarification, I did not fully understand what he meant by that so he thoroughly explained what he meant. He explained to me the importance of being able to expand your social network, having contacts, and knowing people that are where you want to be. That it would be good if I was able to effectively communicate with people I interact with in everyday life.

In my meetings with Jacob I feel as if I am using fishing and shooting questions very effectively, now that we have moved farther into the project it is becoming less of Jacob talking to me and more of a conversation that we can both contribute to. Though I did not realise it previously everything I have learned in last month or so have been completely foreign concepts. The reason I did not realise this is in the way that Jacob is able to relate what he is teaching me to previous experiences. But now that I have an understanding of exactly what I am going to be doing for the next few months, it has become more of an ongoing conversation. I have developed many new points of view like De Bono talks about, In terms of my social interaction with people on a day to day basis. A point of view that I think I developed is that meeting people are not means of getting something but things are means of meeting people. The way Jacob put it was, “People are not means to get to your end, people should be your end”.


In depth post #3

In depth post 3


The last two weeks I have developed my in depth project considerably. Now that I have started to establish my “why” I can start to look at my “how”. Though I feel that I still need to work on developing a clearer “why”. As of the last two weeks I have broadened my area of interest by looking into investment as well as creating my own business. I don’t know how seriously I am going to take the investment aspect of economics in this particular module but it is something to consider in the future.

Over the last two weeks I have been starting to look into my “how”. After high school I want to develop a plan to reach my financial goal. What this is starting to look like at this point, is probably attending post-secondary education to study business and economics. Soon after I would get a full time job to start being able to invest on either my business or my investments. Slowly as my business or investments grow I would be able to rely less on my job and more on the assets that I have created. Eventually my assets will be able to support me completely and this is called “financial independence” and that is my end goal.

My mentor Jacob has given me some reading to do over the course of my project. So far I have been greatly inspired by the book I have just finished a book called “Rich dad Poor dad” by by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. The message that it really drove home was the importance of financial literature. Skills are not enough to be successful, according to by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter you need to fully understand how to deal with money. This message was also enforced by the Steve Jobs bibliography which I am listening to on audiobook, the reason I am listening to it on audiobook is because Jacob believes that learning comes through reading, but belief comes through listening. After finishing my book and listening to the bibliography I could not agree more. The ideas were first introduced to me on paper, I understood them but they were still simply words on a page. With listening to the audiobook I am having someone tell me stories of how these ideas are being implemented, giving me a sort of firsthand experience.

I have also made advancements in other areas of my in depth. On Thursday I was given the opportunity to interview Andre Coetzee the director of a an I.T. company called I-Workz . The main topic of the interview was focused on creating a business plan. He explained to me the process of creating a successful business plan and gave me advice based on his firsthand experience. I have also been speaking to Gleneagles career resource teacher to help me develop my plan to reach financial independence. What I am trying to find is a full time career I can pursue. I spoke to Ms.Devlin last Thursday and she has been working with me to find my strengths and weaknesses and a career path that I can pursue.

Something that is important to me over the course of my in depth project is to be able to benefit Jacob in some form. Obviously he is teaching me an incredible amount and adding a great amount of value to my life, but what I want to do is in return add value to his. While it probably not be in the form of teaching, I want him to feel that I am worth his time and effort to teach me. I feel a good way to work on this is to try to make our interactions interesting, I want to be able to be able to discuss what he is teaching me with a full understanding and passion. This will make it easier for me to add value to our conversations.

My mentor Jacob is a really easy person to talk to, he is really good communicator. I like to think that I am as well. This makes our conversations interesting and fluent. Both Jacob and I are very comfortable with asking for clarification when needed. Ultimately having an effective conversation is something that I can do naturally and don’t need to analyse the conversation to make it effective.

Over the last two weeks I have read the book “Rich dad Poor dad” and listened to the Steve Jobs bibliography on audio book. I have also conducted an interview and talked to Ms.Devlin. As well as my weekly meetings with Jacob. I think I am making good progress on my in-depth, check in two weeks from now to see my next post!